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My favourite color is actually the color of the text here - it needs to be against the black to see it right:


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You misspelled 'colour.'

What are you, American or something? ;)

It's easier to get used to writing "Color" so that for HTML, you do it that way...

We have XML now. I could write HTML in norwegian, if I wanted to. In fact, I could do it in swahili, but since I can't write, read, interpret or speak that language, that would be pointless, da?

I've got a vest top from topshop that colour if you want that... I can bring it down with me if you like...And I would like to say again YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN MY ARSE!But if you have when????

That'd be cool.... Purple clothes rule :o)

As for your arse - it was quite some time ago. And I didn't see the whole thing. But I saw enough to know that it's very nice ;o)

I like that, actually.

Spell like a Yank again and I shave your head, though. ;-)

Bring it on ;o)

I've spelled it "Color" for about 4 years now, I'm not about to change now :o)

Death to the infidel!!!!


it's the colour of the polo shirt i'm wearing today

how about that :)

Hooray - you rule.

But then, we already knew this :o)

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