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Speaking of pop pseudo-news, what about the government bugging the UN?

Shock, horror, the security services are keeping an eye on the United Nations. To be honest, I'm not sure that I had ever considered the alternative - that the government wasn't curious enough to bother spying.

My general understanding was that the UN would have to operate on the assumption that nothing was ever 100% secret. I wasn't thinking along the lines of bugging, so much as moles. It just seems natural that the member states of the UN would all have an interest in knowing what was being said behind closed doors, and that therefore those that could would try to find out. It came as no surprise whatsoever that the US and UK were engaged in such an operation.

Welcome to the real world, where national interests take precedence over honesty and honour. Did anybody really expect anything else?

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I think Claire Short should stick her head down the toilet and pull the chain, repeatedly. I mean really, the woman is an embarrassment and has no dignity. First of all she said she'd resign if we went to war. We went to war and she didn't resign. Robin Cook disagreed with the war and stepped down with good grace, making controlled and effective criticisms of the government once outside it, as is his right. Short slated the government from inside it and only resigned when she had no choice. You can't slate your own government from within the cabinet, it's wrong. Cabinet consensus exists for a good reason. Outside it she's just shown herself up, going for populist themes that will be on the front page of the Mirror the next day. It's pathetic. She's probably writing her anti-Tony memoirs already.

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