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What the FUCK?

For starters, it would appear that the power has gone to his head, and now he wants the rules changed so he can be president.

Mr Schwarzenegger cited the examples of two Europe-born former secretaries of state to illustrate his endorsement of Senator Hatch's proposal.

"Look at the kind of contribution that people like Henry Kissinger have made.."
Henry Kissinger's contribution has been to add to the the sum total of evil in the universe. The fact that this fucking actor thinks that the man should have been allowed to become president is just further evidence that he has no grasp of politics whatsoever...

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An actor!? Now where have I heard that ( before?

if you ever want to have some sex....

with american chicks, my sister and i are all over it.her hair is the same color as yours. sorry, i've been drooling over you for awhile, and the naked pic sent us over the edge of dirtiness. some things just can't be helped. :(
sorry about the frankness. but really, can you blame me?

Re: if you ever want to have some sex....

He's fucked American slags before, come on, at least be original.

can you please not post so many times in a row. Too many half naked pink guys just isn't healthy...


Is this likely to turn into a semi-naked man pose-off?

If not, could it, please?

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