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(no subject)
I've been thinking about this quite a bit.. It's been on my mind for much of my journey home from Canterbury, and I think I can finally explain it..

It's at 01:55 that it starts to become obvious.. The song Feeling This by Blink 182 starts off really badly, and the first few things I thought it was perhaps the worst song they've ever done. But it has slowly dawned on me that it's a work of art.

See, it starts off so discordant, and is just generally rubbish in every way. Then at around the two minute mark, it all comes together.. When it's just the vocals over the bass it sounds horrible, but over the power chords they sound really great, especially with the traditional Blink backing vocals and harmonies. It's old-school Blink, and it's proof that they're only 99.9% rubbish...

But yeah, the whole album is largely shite, but for a minute there, they manage to show what the song would have sounded like in the old style, and it's enough to make me tingle (because I'm lame like that).

And you all thought it was something interesting! (or didn't, simply as a result of experience..)

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Is it still art if it's completely unintentional?

I'm going to go with an "eye of the beholder" type answer..

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