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Hmm, I could swear I saw lights in the sky last night...

Today is my first official day at work, and it's looking like a long one... I have about 4 hours of work left from last Friday, plus whatever new work there is today (and lately we've had 10 hours per day of that), plus I have to pull a load of management information off my database, plus I have to fix one of the databases I 'fixed' last week,,,

Hence why I'm going in at 8am, and not leaving until all my work is done... Still, the overtime pay will be very welcome, when I get my first pay packet around the 20th... My last pay from the agency should hit my bank account on Friday, and then I get nothing else for a while, so I shall have to make that last as best I can...

Still, I'm actually really excited about this - I will officially work for a bank :o)

Anyway, time to go get ready...


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