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How annoying - I was just about to actually buy music online via a legitimate download site (MusicMatch), but since it's not available in this country, I wasn't allowed. So I used Kazaa instead. Something is wrong with this model...

I took some more pictures - there's more on the site, just click where it says "unknownj", it's fairly straightforward... I've been making the most of my new camera thing... Went on a walk today around Canterbury, so I took a few pictures... Plus the photos of the albino squirrel that I got, and the night time shots around the town..

Mmm, I like photography.. I used to really like it, back in my first year at uni, but the really poor photos that my cheap point-and-click camera at the time produced just put me off...

Work in the morning - should get some sleep in really...

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What exactly is a "devian tart", anyways?

Oh dear Kyle.. the very same joke has been made twice now. I know you're Canadian, but that's really no excuse ;o)

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