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HHGTTG Game - still awesome
>get up
The bulldozer driver gives a quick chew of his gum and slams in the clutch.
The bulldozer piles into the side of your home.

Your home collapses in a cloud of dust, and a stray flying brick hits you squarely on the back of the head. You try to think of some suitable last words, but what with the confusion of the moment and the spinning of your head, you are unable to compose anything pithy and expire in silence.

You keep out of this, you're dead. An ambulance arrives.

>get into the ambulance
You keep out of this, you're dead and should be concentrating on developing a good firm rigor mortis. You are put in the ambulance, which drives away.

>i see
For a dead person you are talking too much. As the ambulance reaches the mortuary a fleet of Vogon Constructor ships unexpectedly arrives and demolishes the Earth to make way for a new hyperspace bypass.

We are about to give you your score. Put on your peril-sensitive sunglasses
now. (Hit RETURN or ENTER when ready.) >

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I had that on my Atari STe 520. Despite having a guide which told you pretty much exactly what to type, I could never get past picking up the device Ford drops (the thing for hitching a ride in spacecraft) and making it work so I could get off Earth before it was destroyed.


A true classic. One of my first Infocom games.

I'll never forget my jubilation when I finally figured out how to get that darned babel fish.

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