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Weird Dream
I dreamed that I finally went to school, after 8 weeks of absence (it's a parallel to my uni attendance I think). I was in Mrs Hawley's Biology class, which happened three times on a Tuesday, for some weird reason (since we only had two lessons with her a week anyway before). Oliver and Phil were there, and I chatted to them somewhat. After the lesson, I found out when all my Biology classes were, and made a note so I'd attend them in future.

After that, I came back home. To Uni. I first navigated Kings Cross station for some reason - here I shall break off into a bit which is just for my memory:

Remember the dream where there was an underground station, much like the railway tracks at the end of one of the half life training missions, with the flat train? It's that place. And when you exit, there's a square park opposite you, and you walk around a square building. That place in London

Anyhow, so yes, I went through London and came back here. It was revealed that the reason I'd been missing classes was because school was actually in London, and it took me over an hour to get there every morning. I decided to time how long the bus ride took, so I caught a bus. It started going down a road very much like the one I'd travel on if going to school from my house on the bus. Anyhow, we briefly flash to this island fortress, where some bad guys are hanging out (I'm friends with them), and a Helicopter is approaching. I hide behind a hedge and watch the helicopter fly overhead. Then back to the bus ride again - weird. We're driving down the motorway and there's an old man in the car in front of the bus who doesn't know which way to indicate. He's in a red car with L plates. After making an upside down V sign at him, our bus driver overtakes him, and we continue along.

Eventually, we get off the motorway, and into another place which is on my route to school. I leave the bus, and walk past a pub. For some reason, at this point, I'm carrying a large bin. Don't ask why. I look in a pub door, but decide not to go in. I was going to phone Phil to see what time our lessons were tomorrow, but then found that I had no signal on my phone. Then these kids walk past me, and into the pub. I walk off, and they come out of the pub again, and ask me "Are you in year 9 at school?". I give them all evil looks, and tell them that no, I am not. They then start kicking small stones at my feet as I walk back home along the road between Kingston Blount and Chinnor, back in Oxfordshire. This kid called Darren walks past, who looks like an ugly Brad Pitt, and gives me a funny look. He starts kicking stones at me too, and as I turn around to thump the little fucker, I hear a knock on my door back in reality...

"Come in"

James comes into my room, and I wake up to talk to him. End of dream.

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Noodle...humph, i am in a discontented mood. Who can say why? i can't that being a problem...think I'll go and stare at air for a while. later Bex xxx %-/

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