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Yesterday was wonderful :o)

Eri and I went for a run in the hills near the uni, but ended up just going for a walk instead... We wandered around the downs a bit, and saw baby moo cows, and they were all fluffy and hate little faces like piggies :o)

Then we saw shetland ponies, and they were so adorable.. I want one.

But yeah, it was nice to get outside, I've not done much of that on account of being stuck in my office all the time, etc... A few hours of walking has done me some good :o)

Then we went to see a movie and stuff, and would have gone to dinner were it not for the fact that neither of us got hungry enough, and we couldn't decide how many courses we wanted anyway :o)

So yay, that's six months done, not bad (for me)... And I couldn't be happier :o)

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