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Went to see Lost In Translation last night... It was exactly as perfect as I had expected.

It was totally plotless (and deliberately so), which was a good starting point. Movie plots nowadays are so formulaic, it's all about something bad happening two thirds of the way through the movie, and then the main characters overcoming it. Without a plot, you get to concentrate on what's essentially a snapshot of the situation they're in.

Bill Murray was, as usual, perfectly cast for the role.. I mean okay, so he tends to play the exact same cynical sarcastic character in everything, but I like that character, so it's okay. Scarlett Johansson was just "wow", as I suspected she might be. Lots of people have been saying very good things about her, and I did think she was excellent in The Man Who Wasn't There... She manages to pull off looking ordinary at the same time as looking stunningly beautiful, which is an impressive feat.

The direction and writing were both spot-on, and resulted in exactly the overall effect I was hoping for. Damnit, I don't know how to write this properly, I suck at actually describing movies. It was just wonderful, and I will be buying it on DVD as soon as it comes out, because it filled me with joy from start to finish.

Best film I've seen in the last year, I think...

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Fit. Fit and well fit!

You are stunning and well I thought I would tell you because it is always nice to be told such things!

Going to see it on Tuesday on the account that (a week behind) the Aylesbury Odeon have only just started showing it and Tuesday is 'Cheap-O-Night'.

Been looking forward to seeing this since the end of last year when I read about it in Empire magazine. It has Bill Murray! In Japan! It's directed and written by Sofia Coppola! Hooray!


Bill Murray wasn't *exactly* perfectly cast, in that the part was essentially written for him and the film would probably never have been made if he hadn't agreed to star in it... But if you like Scarlett Johanssen, watch Ghost World. Plotless, random, but fantastic...

It made me smile but was ultimatly depressing. Brilliant nevertheless, but brilliant because it accuratly portrayed real life for once. And contained the very real hurdles with the plots situation. (Ambigious just to not be spoiler-esq)

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