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Good Morning
I'm awake. Hooray.

Listening to Semisonic - Over My Head. F'ing good song, if you ask me. I want to find out how to play it on guitar - should be great fun to learn :o)

Anyhow, since I've only just gotten up, I've not done anything. Not even put clothes on...

*looks at webcam, pondering*

Um, no. Wait. Perhaps I'll just get dressed instead... :o)

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For the love of God, get a girldfriend who you can expose yourself to. ;-)

I'm trying, but it's harder than you might think :o)

It's only difficult because all the women you've met so far are witches. :)

Only met one witch, and she was the only girl I've ever truly loved. I think I ought to either meet more witches, or fall for somebody who isn't one, for a change.

make a decision, either show us or keep it to yourself Just stop going on about it!!!!

Option 1: Go on about showing myself to you
Option 2: Get nekkid for you

Which one would you really rather I did? Think about it :o)

That's your DAD. What are you, sick or something? :0)

(Deleted comment)
Tsk, all these gits. I'm old. Leave me alone.

Indeed Scott. OldGit is my dad, NosyGit is my friend Becca, whose arse I have seen anyway. But she still can't remember it :o)

YOU HAVE NEVER EVER SEEN MY ARSE!!!!!!!!!!Beats for you my little friend...and yep i vote for you just shutting up and putting naked pics up.. I can always just ignore them you i do most of the time.

I have too seen your arse. But every time I point this out, you deny it. Silly girl :o)

And I already put naked pictures up - but only a few people could see them. I spared you the pain. Next time, it's full frontal shots, sent straight to your Uni e-mail address ;o)

lol, you'll prolly get done for using the uni's network for sending harrassing nekid pictures to women ;-)

But I never use my Uni's network, so...

And I can send via anonymous SMTP - they can't pin it on me :o)

lol, he's got it all planned out, worrying...

thanks a random deity that they're not on he's not on the list :)

I can add you to the list if you want....... :o)

I think that's one lits I'd rather not be on I think :)

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