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Argh, dilemma
On the one hand, I strongly dislike Bush, I want to see his popularity plummet to the point where he is kicked out of office, and never returns to politics.

On the other hand, space exploration was always my dream as a kid, and I desperately want to see us sending manned missions to Mars someday. And this idea of a permanent base on the moon is also very appealing.

Damnit, it's difficult... I doubt the Democrats would bother with such a thing if it was up to them, so really for this to work, it needs Bush. But he's a menace.

What to do.....

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If Bush has another term in the White House, we'll all have to move to Mars anyway.

Send Bush into space.

If you need a reason to hate him for it - in order to fund a moon base, he's basically scrapping the rest of the space program.

nah, dude. it's called looking for votes.
even if bush truly wanted to do it (which i find hard to believe unless he plans on putting lasers up there), there's no money because the buffoon has no idea how the economy works. i mean, this is the guy who has more than doubled the national debt. so it just plain won't work.

it would be cool, though. i agree.

>What to do.....

Nothing, you don't vote in the USA :oP And I doubt any member of the US Government, retarded or not, will actually listen to you ;o)

It wasn't Bush who decided to go into space. It was one of his assistants. But they told him that Al-Qaeda was on the Moon. So he's really going up there looking for evildoers.

But seriously, his father proposed a similar idea that got killed in Congress for guess what: budget reasons.

And I'm not a fiance wizard, but I know that the plan has the Feds posting $1billion up front, with 4 or 5 years worth of 5% budget increases to NASA and 1 year with at least a 1% bump. Which doesn't sound like much until you remember we're talking about billions of dollars.

FUCK YOU ALL! bush rocks!!!

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