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What am I bid for.. me?
Argh.. it's 4:45am, and I've been awake for half an hour now... it's bloody annoying, I can't get to sleep for two reasons. One is that I have really really bad rheumatism, which is crippling my right knee to the point of tears. The other, we won't go into.. suffice to say I'm not even in a sleepy mood right now, and the considerable pain does not help at all.

Hmm... and after 45 minutes, it's just about tolerable.. *sigh*

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dude, I love you're new icon.

Better then the pink hair. Keep this one

,3 - The Elfire Chick

i'm writing to you even though i know i'm not wanted -- but even after letting go and broken promises and being upset i can't help but wonder where you are in your life and how you're feeling. i remember the night in greenwood furnace when your knee was acting up and you held it against my stomach... which is probably the only reason this entry caught my eye. it brought back such a tender memory that everything and tears swelled over me and i wanted to say something back to you.

thank you for every good memory and for giving me the chance. you were my first love.

Haven't you killed yourself yet? I can guarantee you that *no one* wants to read about your "tender" memories that happened oh-so long ago. You've already proven to everyone that you excel in fucking up, now how about demonstrating that same flair in fucking off?

You're a nasty piece of work. Sure you're not better suited to TMA?


Yeah I agree. Eri'd be more suited to me... especially some time before the end of June. Feel free to visit...

Not even if you gave me the whole £50 :p


Uhhh, yeah... what Eri said.

Who says you're not wanted? I could give you all the tender memories you want. I could even knee you in the stomach.

Bring your own tissues (and razor blades).

Hello Jen. You know there's a concept known as "moving on", where one gets over being dumped because one is an annoying stroppy cow, and one "moves on" to things more appropriate to one of such neurotic nature. May I politely suggest that you apply this concept to yourself and therefore never talk to anyone else ever again?

Perhaps with the exception of a psychiatrist.

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