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Why do I watch this trash on TV? Some ultra-Christian wanker going on about how condoms have holes in them... Apparently, because they're made of synthetic fibres, they're porous. I'd like to put one over his head and see how fucking porous he thinks it is then ;o)

Damned abstinence-teaching Texan nutcases... Watching this program just makes me want to go Ryan Phillippe on those virgin bitches, just so I can laugh at them. Am I a bad person? :o\

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well, yes. but that's got nothing to do with wanting to go all Ryan Philippe on them... Just in general.

I'm a Christian. And a virgin. It works for me just fine.

And I also realise that condoms don't, most of the time, have holes in them.

I can also add, use spelling and grammar correctly and read books of more than 100 pages. I have a university degree. I don't wear stupid t-shirts that say "Jesus is my Homeboy".

I like to consider myself walking, talking proof that all people who consider themselves "followers of Christ" (much as the jargon makes me cringe) are not complete and utter morons. Please don't judge us all on the basis of those who are.

Morons, that is.

same with me.. just thought i'd agree.

besides, there's much better things on tv now.
like the surreal life. gotta love reality shows when they throw washed up celebrities together. there's nothing that rots the brain quite as fast.

Hehe, I don't.. hence "Damned abstinence-teaching Texan nutcases", rather than just Christians in general. Specifically, that comment was mostly aimed at this 15 year old girl who took offence that somebody questioned her commitment to her little abstinence pledge.. Let's see if she's still as pure in a few years time..


What else could I say.

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