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Mars missions are a complete waste of money! Why spent billions of dollars simply to determine if there was once life on the planet? The money would be far better spent 'Terraforming' the planet for future inhabitation by humans. NASA could send 'Seed bombs' to the red planet full of Genetically Modified seeds that will grown in hostile environments. By establishing plant life the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere would quickly increase making it far more hospitable to animals and eventually humans. Time is quickly running out for us 'earthlings' as we are using our planets resources at an alarming rate. We need to start colonising another planet now or face extinction!
I haven't got the time to say just how fucking stupid this person is. But they are, truly, fucking stupid.

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hahahah! amongst all the bullshit, the 'seeds' of this person's cocklamearsefuck originate from... a point. oh yes. i'm drunk!

Let's colonise the sun too! Fire enough GM seeds at it and it's ours!

Where did you find that?

I like how it's one of the few entries deemed "pull quote" worthy... ;)

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