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I want to be banned from the nunnery
Hmm... not much I can really say about Christmas really... Eri stayed with me for three weeks or so, and it was perfect, it really really was... It's actually really rubbish going to work and not having Eri meet me at lunch, and at the end of the day. It rather removes a lot of the incentive of coming home, hence why I've opted to do some overtime this week... I could do with the money.

Having said that, today I spent half my overtime money on pizza. And it was my pizza, not yours Rachael, no matter how much you argue. Which was nice, at first, but turned mank by the end, which is good really. Removes the temptation to buy more later. Tomorrow I may go into work early, and do my overtime before rather than after. Or maybe not. Don't know yet...

So, 2003 eh? Fell in love twice. Broke up with people twice. Average turnover is decreasing, which is just as well, since TMA is soon to owe me £50, which I believe puts me a tenner ahead. If you don't know, don't ask. Suffice it to say, things with Eri are going perfectly, and long may that continue. I can't remember the last time I was this happy with life. I think I may have been 4 years old at the time - one can be very happy when one has no school, no job, no responsibilities, and a brand new train set. But my current happiness may even exceed that. Time will tell :o)

Anyway, more later... I must sleep...

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i didn't *want* the pizza, I was just excited because the pizza man was here...

You got *excited* because there was a man in uniform at the door? Are you sure you're gay?

She didn't know in advance it was a man... could've been a hot girl, after all. There used to be a really hot girl who delivered for Pizza Hut here a few years ago, but since I stopped liking that, I haven't seen her... :o(

just out of curiosity, where exactly do you meet all these women? I'm sure they hide from me..

I fear I frequent the wrong places. I only seem to meet teenage American boys, which have their charm, in a certain nauseating kind of way..

Perhaps I should start e-stalking you, pick up the left overs lol

Surely they're "leftovers" for a reason? :p

well, yeah, but I'm not picky.

Not sure if that makes me sound like a slut or desperate.

(either is good I guess)

You'd only be a tenner ahead because I let you off the £19.50 payment of the previous bet you lost. You really suck at this, which I shall prove some more come the end of June.

It's sweet how you actually believe you're going to win :)

Of course I'm going to win. I think James' past record speaks for itself.

No you didn't - I paid it off by sending you Zim or something on CD... CDs that cost me very little, so I'll still be ahead financially.

Yeah I knew that was a bad idea - but I did feel it would be a little harsh demanding money off you when you were having a hard time feeding yourself. I won't have any qualms this time.

Let's just hope you're not having any such troubles come the end of June.

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