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no no... I said you spell it P-O-N-C-E

who appears to need to shave his upper lip ;oP

to be fair I'm not sure how good or bad he is at the moment, but as a general rule whenever I've seen james he's always needed a shave :oP

He's better than I've known him to be in the past ;)

good good, kick his ass for me ;o)

He had a shave this morning ;)

If you can't say "omg jamie ur hott!!!1!!", don't say anything at all :o)

sorry, i couldn't resist (i did the comment above). i don't know which photo is worse- this new one with the comedy poser look or the other one where ur sitting on ort's bed (so wrong).

It's my bed, y'bitch, and you'll be pleased to know there are Harry Potter things in your old room...

well whats this site about its alot of wierdness. Who is this hot guy with his picture all over? Ah well freedom of life.

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