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Eri and I are in a restaurant right now, and there are many many beautiful babies, and they look so sweet, and it just gets me so broody... Must have babies of my own...

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A man having a baby..... *pondering* Take lots of pictures! I am merely kidding. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing when you have lots of support. The father of my child remarried his ex-wife. That is rather screwed up, but then again, I prefer it this way. I will not have two children to raise and support. When you do find the right girl to settle down with, just give her space when she needs it, cuddles when she needs them, late night trips to find sushi in the dead of winter when she craves it, etc! Then, you get to put your hand on her abdomen after about 4 months and feel a goldfish swimming around. That progresses to something the size of kitten, puppy, and finally a baby that twists, turns, crawls under the ribcage, grinds knees into liver and spleen, etc. It is a trip, really.

Sorry if I bored you to death, but I am due in 5 weeks and am antsy,


late night trips to find sushi in the dead of winter when she craves it

I will *never* eat sushi again. So he's safe there ;)

there'll be no babies in my house!!!

As we both know, this is clearly my house... Babies are just as welcome as lesbians.... :o)

lesbians don't scream in the middle of the night... oh no wait, they do. just not recently. *sob* bugger. my reasoning is all gone...

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