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I'm baffled...
SurferDrew7686: hey r u there?
TheUnknownJames: Possibly
TheUnknownJames: Depends who's asking
SurferDrew7686: lol...i saw your picture at a website....i thouhgt u would be cool to talk to
TheUnknownJames: Which website was that?
SurferDrew7686: how old r u?
SurferDrew7686: oh i dont remeber
SurferDrew7686: what website is yur pic on
SurferDrew7686: ?
SurferDrew7686: oh it was yur live journal one
SurferDrew7686: r u there?
TheUnknownJames: I'm 22
TheUnknownJames: And yes, I am here..
SurferDrew7686: ok r u bi?
TheUnknownJames: Depends how drunk I am
SurferDrew7686: hahahahahaha
SurferDrew7686: where r u from?
TheUnknownJames: Brighton, England
SurferDrew7686: cool
SurferDrew7686: have u ever done anyhting with a guy?
SurferDrew7686: ?
TheUnknownJames: Yes
TheUnknownJames: Why?
SurferDrew7686: what
TheUnknownJames: Just stuff
SurferDrew7686: like what.....i will tell u what i have done
TheUnknownJames: I don't give a rat's ass what you've done
SurferDrew7686: k bye

Hmm.. weirdo...

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can't blame him for trying

Well that's rather odd.

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