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Hmm, home for lunch, but I've not really got anything to do.. I might go back to work and play with the computers - I need to write some scripts to do stuff. I've decided that modular is the way to go - that way, I'll have functions to return the customer's current balance, etc. Then I can make my scripts do things far better...

Um, about Bob Monkhouse. Can I just say that of all the comedians I can think of, he's the one I'd miss the least. His one-liners are occasionally quite amusing, but you can't base an entire comedy career on the fact that you've built up a huge book of one-line jokes. He's come out with hilarious things, but on average, he's perhaps one of the least funny people on TV. So, y'know, I'm not thrilled he's dead or anything, but I won't be shedding a tear about the loss to the comedy world...

Anyway, time to get back to work and play with my scripts - the only thing that keeps me sane on days like today, where I'm stuck taking call centre calls all day...

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Bob Monkhouse is really dead? Damn, I'm now closer to the bottom of the list of World's Funniest People.

There is something about that guy Bob Monkhouse...his evebrows or something...They really creep me out... Well, did.

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