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Okay, I'm up...

I'd go back to sleep, but my alarm is due to go off in 15 minutes, and I had a nightmare so I don't feel like it... Stupid dream, if only I'd been more on the ball... Clearly my sleep was disrupted by the fear of.. well....

Anyway, not going to talk about that. I downloaded The Office yesterday, as in the second part to the Christmas episode, and Rachael and I watched it. She cried as well, bless her, because it was just so good. I've watched it lots :o)

Hmm, I seem to be too tired to actually talk on a single subject for very long. I shall have a shower in a minute, and then probably go to work early - I need to make up an hour from last week that I claimed on my timesheet and then didn't work. On the one hand I was told by my supervisor that it was okay, but on the other, I have no intention of stealing hours from the company, so...

Amazon have shipped Eri's presents, just 12 hours after the order was placed, despite telling me 5-10 days. Not bad. And apparently my monitor is on its way, though lord knows when it'll arrive, and if there'll be anybody in to take it... If they leave it on the doorstep, I shall be most unimpressed.

Right, I'm still taking far too little time constructing paragraphs. I shall shower, and see if that wakes me up much...

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Yay, Velvet Alley.

so it was you in the shower when i needed to brush my teeth this morning then? bastard. I wondered who else could possibly up at that ungodly hour.

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