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I was using my eyes as userpics years before the rest of you, so don't say anything :oP

In other news - public survey. What would you say is the principle purpose of a butt-plug? Don't list its many handy applications, just state what you think the one main reason for using one is. This needs clearing up. Not in a literal, messy sense.

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Cuffing someone's hands above them, then putting it in someone and telling them that you'll flog them if they drop it.
Then keeping a vibrator on them until they lose control.

At least, that's *my* opinion...why do you ask? :p

this has been a free of charge comment from the Society For Giving People More Than They Bargained For.

Hmm.. good idea..... have to tell the lord and master that one :)

... though on the other hand a flogging isn't exactly an incentive to keep it in :)

I suspect they were called butt-plugs for a strikingly obvious reason, possilby quite closely associated with their primary use.

I think they do exactly what they say on the tin. Who were you arguing about this with anyway and what do they think they're for?

The argument is fundamentally regarding whether they are used primarily for pleasure, or for facilitating anal dilation, thus enabling further penetration, viz; shoving a hard cock up there.

Ah, so when you were asking what the purpose of a butt plug was you didn't mean any ambiguity over placement? Spose both, depends on the context of what you're doing at the time and the girl in question (as I think their reaction may have something to do with it!)

James, you surprise me! You're meant to be all cute and innocent ;)

She's meant to be cute an innocent too ;)

*looks confused* Where's the fun in that?

Pleasure. Most definitely :) Butt plugs are one size..... dilation needs something that gets bigger :) (but butt plug + vaginal penetration... mmmmmmm)

What a thing to squibble about!

I don't think it's really so cut and dry, so to speak, which is why this argument can even exist. I'd say the primary purpose is probably, as you suggested above, to facilitate the entry of a "hard cock." But, undoubtedly, it's all done in the name of pleasure. As with most arguments, you're both right.

doesn't it (technically)do both no matter what? So you have it being there if you want it just to be there, but when you take it out there is always the other option. The widening effect is probably more likely tho i reckon.

So if you have runny poo it doesn't leak in your pants.

That's not really why your mother puts that in you, y'know....

I refuse to respond to this obvious troll, and also refuse to troll this obvious response.

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