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Tell her you love her, you bastard

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I was just saying the exact same thing, and I don't even follow this show... :)



Anyway, yeah. She came back. It's not like I care or anything like that...

i kept shouting that at tim through my tv screen :$

(hi, by the way! :D)

Argh, it was just so frustrating.. Which just made it all the more wonderful when she opened the present, from which point I don't think I stopped crying... :o)

it sure was a beautiful present and ending.
aw, even david found a gal!
love all around <3

'cept for Gareth. As it should be :o)

yeah well he had his action man, so it's okay. ;)

Yeah, but he specifically requested vouchers... ;o)

heheh, or a tenner in an envelope.
silly gareth. :D

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