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My room is now tidy and rearranged... I scoff at all those who didn't think I could do it, for it is done, and it rocks...
My mind had never been so clear. As if somewhere high above the storm clouds were already gone, cold stars blazing from the black sky
I may go buy food now, though I did have (super-hot) pizza earlier. I've taken to adding crushed chillis to everything I eat, it's so good. Speaking of Chilli, I've ordered an album by the band of that name... I'm not exactly sure if it's what I'm looking for. I was in a little pub a few months ago, and this rock-type band were playing.. the female vocalist was amazing, and I generally really enjoyed it, even though myself and my friends were really the only people there, and they ignored it. I picked up a flyer at the end, and I'm just hoping it was the right one. We shall see...

Of course, if it's not the same band, maybe this one will be even better :o)

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Heh, yeah I thought they were pretty damn good too (and yes, they are called Chilli and their album was 'takemetograceland' or somesuch). I remember thinking that they definitely deserved more appreciation from the crowd (such as it was). I'd buy the album, but at the moment £12 for a CD is way too much for my financial situation.


Ah, good man, glad somebody else noticed them.. and yes, that's the name of the album, I should have it within a week. When I finally get my arse to practice, I'll lend it to you (so in a year maybe? ;o)

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