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Hehe, I was tidying, and I found my uni marks... Let's see...

Year 1
Algebra & Geometry I: 51%
Algebra & Geometry II: 28%
Mathematical Methods I: 35%
Mathematical Methods II: 42%
Statistics & Probability I: 56%

Foundations of AI: 56%
Further AI: 46%
Introduction to Programming: 56%
Further Programming: 34%
Computers and Society: 54%

Year 2
Differential Equations and Applications: 18%
Complex Variable: 35%
Group Theory: 45%
Introduction to Numerical Analysis: 55%
Statistics and Probability II: 29%

Coding Presentation: 79%

Introduction to Logic Programming: 38%
Symbolic AI: 37%
Computer Vision: 38%
Natural Language Processing: 45%
Non-Symbolic AI: 29%

Year 3
Coding Theory: 44%
Graph Theory: 41%
Numerical Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations: 28%
Ring Theory: 35%

CSAI Project: 38%

Topics in Evolutionary Theory: 75%

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Hehe, I was tidying

Hehe indeed ;)
Okay, I'll stop :p

And you still passed? There's hope for me yet!! ;)


The waiting on my final year course in which I got 75% was quite good - it counted for like three other courses put together :o)

Uh.. I said "weighting" there.. honest... Christ, it's too early for this...

I have found this post very interesting.
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