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Just spent the last nine hours or so at Paul and Relly's Christmas party, and I had a really great time... There was an interesting punch (its interest due in part to the quantity of white-wine-based fizzy beverage that got spilled into it at some point)...

Spoke about Frisbee with Graham (who plays for Mwnci See), about Red Dwarf with James, and played Bop-It with Nikki, Jodi, Graham, Michelle, James, Ian, etc. which was full of frustrating fun :o)

Much music was listened to, and I got to see the 'Til The Day video which I'd not seen before. Paul and Glenn did magic tricks, one of which has fucked me up completely, and I must find out how it was done. I was sitting in a good position to see how it was done, and yet it still can't be possible. It just can't... But there were other tricks which I think I managed to figure out, so that makes me feel slightly less stupid :o)

I'm not sure where the time went, really... Every time we looked at the clock, it seemed to be two hours later than the last time. We ended the evening by playing on the GameCube, on some game where the object is to cause as many car crashes as possible... After a slow start, and much derision from Glenn and Eri (traitor!), I stopped hustling everybody, and kicked their arses. Though at one point when I did really well, I did sort of say something along the lines of
Finally, after all that sucking...
Which apparently can be taken the wrong way... But it was a fun way to end the evening...

Oh, and they played my favourite song ever, woo! :o)

But yeah, it was really good... I had lots of fun, I was in great company, and it was nine hours well spent. But for the love of God, I have to sleep now...


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