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Dav is pronounced DAV, not DAVE, damnit
I went to see Easyworld in Eastbourne. I say Easyworld. It was actually just Dav, but it was Easyworld really, just without the others, and if it taught us anything, it's that they're not necessary to produce some fine music (but Dav still needs a multi-track-loop-thingie)...

It was pretty breathtaking to be honest - some of the songs came out far better than their originals, despite being produced by one man on a stage with an effects box and a shit-load of instruments. The songs played, in no particular order, include:

Right Thing, This is Where I Stand, Compilation Blues, Everyone Knows, 2nd Ammendment, 'til the day, Tonight, Armistice, A Stain to Never Fade, Demons, A Lot of Miles from Home, and another track off the new album.

Then there were covers of Jeff Buckley, Beck, Marvin Gaye, REM, Justin Timberlake, among others...

Hmm, I'm sleepy, so I shall cut this short... met a lot of boarders, some of whom I remember from the ULU and Brighton gigs, which was nice.. finally added some to my friends list, so that I can disregard them as I disregard all the people on my friends list. You bastards. And now I'm off to bed, because I have an Eri that needs cuddling lots :o)


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