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At some point it appears my monitor has died overnight. Every horizontal line of pixels has been tinted grey, proportional to the average darkness of that line of pixels. So black text on a white background leaves grey lines across the screen, which grow darker with a higher density of black pixels on that line. If you see what I mean...

So, note to self: 2NM9WS

Time to get a new monitor, I guess.. I've checked everything obvious, though I shall check later this week that it has the same effect when plugged into a laptop...

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Nice 19" monitor... you may want to check out

A lot of people recommended them and the prices are very good.

You're welcome to use my laptop to test things if you need to, I probably won't be in till 6:30ish but you're welcome to go steal it before then...or you could just wait till I'm home.

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