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So it's come to this......

The time for throwing a paddy has probably passed, and I haven't the energy to bother. Suffice it to say, I have reconsidered coming to Rimini, for reasons that those who need to know are already aware of.

Since I shan't be there, I should like to donate my "odd point or two" allowance to some of the people who, to be quite honest, have been cheated by this new system ("first five on the line" seemed to work just fine last year). People like Keith, who lives too far away to reasonably be expected to make it to practices, but who nevertheless made time to come and recruit newbies at the Freshers' fair, who maintains the Mohawks website, and who last summer came to Tour events with us, and proved one of our most valuable players when we were playing Iron Man, and worse (6v7), while everybody else fucked off and did their own thing.

"The fact is that we are gona have loadsa people wanting to go, therefore are going to have to restrict access to those who have been most committed to ultimate (both old and new)."

So commitment is now only measured by how many practices you can make it to, regardless of circumstance? It's nice to see loyalty rewarded like that. Or Vicky and Penny, who pretty much singlehandedly won us spirit awards last year. Or Roof, who (drunken cunt though he is) can vaguely throw an okay disc, I guess...

Just because it's not personal doesn't mean it's not stabbing people in the back.

I hope people understand that this really isn't about me getting a bit pissed that I can't play every point all tournament. I just don't want to play for a team that has a pecking order, regardless of where I'd come in it.


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the new hair is *very* Art Alexakis..

From you, I'll take that as a compliment.. :o)

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