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Because we're leaving work at 2pm today to go for our Christmas dinner, it means I have to be there by 8am... *weeps*

So early...

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Will you be joining the Mohawks this weekend at Winter League?

No, as far as I'm concerned, I don't play for them at present

hmmm...something happened/

anyway, we played them this afternoon. We were 4 points up with 5 minutes left then choked and you guys won :) you seem like a fun lot anyway

Yeah, we (usually) are.... Just a bit of bad spirit and competitiveness seems to be creeping in, and I don't like that :o\

Competitiveness != bad spirit.


True, not on the field at any rate... I don't mean the spirit with which we play, which is still top notch, but I can't help but feel that the selection process is slightly unfair.. But we've been through this :o)

Sorry. It was a fun game though :)

-Roland (Mohawk Captain)

haha - no worries matey, we couldnt handle the Mohawk comeback!

Will you be at future winter leagues?

We won't be at #3 (4th of Jan?! Are they mad?!) but we should make it to #4.


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