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Brak is funny. But we know this..
Spaceghost: Say friends, do you have a dehumidifier I can borrow?
Dad: Ah, Spaceghost, what are you doing here?
Spaceghost: Oh I live here
Mom: What?
Spaceghost: Yeah, I've been living in your basement for the last three weeks. It's quite moist. Thus my need for dehumidification
Mom: I want you out of that basement immediately
Spaceghost: I was afraid you'd say that. It was a risk coming up here, but I took it because I'm a Super Hero, Space Ghost is the name!
Brak: Hey George, did you know that my dad has superpowers now?
Spaceghost: Yes I do my child, I heard all about it.. through the air ducts. You can hear everything through there.
Brak: I was just telling him that he should use his amazing gifts to help everybody!
Dad: Yeah whatever.. Spaceghost, how much money do you make?
Spaceghost: Sir, that is a rude question! But I like it! Because the answer is a lot. A Super Lot!
Mom: Then why are you living in our basement?
Spaceghost: Err, because I'm very bad with money. I recently purchased a remote desert theme park I named Kingdom of Muscles. My employees are all steroid gobbling ex-convicts.
Brak: Wow, that sounds awesome!
Spaceghost: 'roid rage is not awesome young man. It's terrifying! That's why I'm hiding in your basement. They're after me
Mom: You need to leave
Spaceghost: Of course I do m'lady, America needs me. Good day all, and peace be with you.

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I'm a Zorak kind of girl ... Brak rocks, this is true, but Zorak ... Ah, there's just something about him.

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