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Hmm.. I slept from 6pm until midnight, more or less... Which has left my head pretty fucked. I keep drifting in and out of consciousness, and dreaming of weird things which I then start to believe. So here's a checklist to remind myself.

My illness has not cost me £25 for every time I've woken up, I have in fact paid nothing except that £6.30 for the prescription.

I am not fatally ill, despite what my brain tries to tell me when I first wake up. I just have an infection.

I am not on any sort of mission at all. I am merely a regular person lying in bed, not a secret agent or starship captain.

I am not in hospital

Okay, that should just about cover it... time to try getting back to sleep for a bit....

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Fucked-up-from-being-sick sleep schedules do the same weird shit to me.

been there, done that. hope you feel better soon ... i can totally relate.

Get well soon :)

The starship captain one would be quite cool though, wouldn't it?

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