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What's the connection between the following words?

tent citroen cortland bryophyta truth consolation bakhtiari hampton diary ecumenic congratulatory gauguin lubbock frothy calvert barefoot bishop archimedes drunk abdomen kilo accelerometer pay differential port cemetery pound chain anchovy derelict morrill playwriting jacket impair mayoral combatant wi infusible snoopy wilbur croatia crossway bowfin mosque emeritus sadist warble jimmy cryptology ail icosahedral margarine lifo botulism homebuilder.

You have 5 minutes. And now, back to bed...

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Search terms people have found your site with?


It's a good guess, but I'm afraid it's not the one (though in future, I guess it would work since the words all appear here now)..

By the way, how did the newbies do in Edinburgh?

Ah, very clever Roland.

I think I'll do a search for a derelict anchovy and see what happens...

what ever happened to your quest to be the top rated return for a google of "jamie"? i just did it and got jamie oliver. same country, close enough.

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