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Um... This guy used a relevant parallel to draw attention to the unfairness with which Germany is treated due to its past. The fact that the example uses Jews just makes it all the more powerful, since it draws on a connection between the actions of Jewish Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution, and the actions of the Nazis. It's not the best comparison, granted, but his point was that if you tar the Germans with the brush of "a race of perpetrators", then surely there are others who are deserving of that fate too.
The head of Germany's Jewish community, Paul Spiegel, had described Mr Hohmann's speech as "reaching into the lowest drawer of disgusting anti-Semitism".
The fact that he then went on to say that he didn't believe the Jews are a race of perpetrators surely demonstrates that he was trying to excuse present-day Germany by using an example of another race that has been excused - not trying to damn the Jews on the same basis that Nazi Germany is condemned. At no point was there a hint of anti-semitism, these morons are just too fucking sensitive.

I'm telling you, the world has gone nuts...


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