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So Far...
Done very little. Still.

Spoke to Siggy on the phone - he sounds far less Norwegian now than before... Speaking to David, getting jealous of him and his tart girlfriend... Ho hum :o)

Oh, and I've redone my friends page. Come take a look... Everybody is color-coded now :o)

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So, what does my colour mean about me, then?

It means you're from AGGTA

But, I already know I'm from AGGTA...

what colour defines you as a person.

Ahh, I feel validated now

1 thingy, 2 thingies, 3 thingies



*recovers from dreadful shock*

I suppose cyan means AA, but es ist gar nicht gut! I think you're colour blind. The cyan and the AA website proves it.

I'm putting you up for eye surgery :-)

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