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Oh. My. God.

Did anyone see Sex Rules? It was a show on Channel 4, about Fuck Buddies...

So this guy phones a girl he wants to be his fuck buddy... He refers to her as..

"She's lots of fun, she just seems up for a laugh and hasn't got any inhibitions about anything, and you can just talk about anything.. I mean I met her and she had "cum piss" written across her forehead and I thought "that's my kinda girl, you know?""

He refers, of course, to Vicky. As in, my best friend Vicky. As in, Vicky who lived in the room next to me in the first year, who I shared a hotel room with in Rimini, who I've been to countless tournaments with and had many a girlie night in with...

How very.. wrong... :o)

Turns out, the guy in question is Sam, who was her boyfriend last year. And this TV show shows how they got together - him propositioning her to be his fuck buddy...

I didn't recognise him.. mostly because I only met him once, at her birthday... I bought her a thong (because she likes thongs a lot), and he got very jealous, so I elected to keep my distance from then on...

But yeah, this is so weird... I video'd it, so I shall distribute it to Jimbo and Claire if necessary... It was just.. weird.. It showed her going to bed with this guy for some no-strings sex, which was just odd, since I know her as the girl in the next room who used to bang on the wall when there was a spider in her room, so I could come in and fix it...

"But Sam and Vicky are now officially fuck buddies"

Ick... :o)

So yeah, that was tonight's weirdness... I wonder if anybody from work was watching...

Of course, I know how it all ends... hehe...

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Hahahaha, oh man. I wonder if any of my friends saw it...

It's just weird... I can't believe she didn't mention it being filmed at the time...

Weird weird weirdness.

I remember the night in question well.

I also remember that Sam expressed an interest in learning swing dancing, and in fact phoned me to ask about it one morning.

I saw a bit of it, was he the guy with blonde highlights and spikey hair who said "I like the swedish girl until we started talking in the light and I could see my reflection in her chin"?

sounds like a real gem..

He was a Grade-A twat... He went on about how he didn't think it would lead to a serious relationship.. Within a month, he was so jealous of her talking to other boys that it led to arguments all the time..

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