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We, that is to say the left, are labouring under a misapprehension. A political argument that we've clung to for the last three years needs to be dropped now. I refer to you, Michael Moore, because you won't let it drop.

George W Bush did not win because he rigged Florida. Nor did he win because the system in the USA is broken. We can't keep going around describing him as a thief, or a usurper. Yes, the Florida result was dodgy. Yes, Gore won more votes overall. But you can't keep claiming those as reasons why Bush doesn't deserve to be in the Whitehouse. Gore certainly didn't belong in the Whitehouse, and you know why?

He couldn't win a landslide victory against Bush. I don't want Bush in office, don't get me wrong, but nor do I want in office a man who couldn't decisively beat that monkey-esque little brat. If there is some minimum intellectual requirement to be president that would prohibit Bush, it should also prohibit Gore.

I know this is three years late, but I just get sick of the same old argument of "Bush stole the election, he cheated, that's why he's president". It's just not true. He won, because his opposition was just as shit as he was.

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And I hate when people, upon finding out that one does not like Bush, say, "Well would you rather have had Gore?" Because, really, no. Both of those options were horrible.

the only thing is that the reason people say he stole the election is not entirely based on the election results themselves. yeah, they were incredibly shady, but i don't believe that gore would've won anyway. and it doesn't matter. the reason that they say the election was stolen by the republicans is because of the supreme court interfering and essentially deciding the outcome of the election. in the constitution it says that if there is an election in doubt it has to go and be decided in the house of representatives. so the supremes had no right to get involved, let alone pick a winner.

worst election ever... oh, wait. no. that would be the recall in california...

Come on, give Arnold a chance - *he* hasn't started any wars (yet).


This is one lefty who definitely doesn't go for that whole line of shit. And I'm a huge Michael Moore fan. Go figure.

The problem with Michael Moore is that he seems to be becoming the Ann Coulter of the left... Every now and again, he'll say something that makes me giggle, rather than something that makes me want to change how the world works. And I don't think that the left is in any position to be cracking jokes in the current world climate..

(I still buy all his books though...)

Eeeep. Good point. Would never want to be Ann Coulterish. -shudders-

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