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I've been going through my CD collection... Now I have 80gb of hard disk space, I thought I'd burn all my CDs... Of course, some are elsewhere and need to be reclaimed... Current standing:

1. Easyworld 367 minutes
2. The Ataris 234 minutes
3. Everclear 223 minutes
4. Live 177 minutes
5. Semisonic 174 minutes
6. Audio Karate 154 minutes
7. The Offspring 97 minutes

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And how many of those 367 minutes came straight off my laptop? :P

Not much at all, thank you very much... Just those old demos and the KTLR stuff...

Well I already had both albums, your bootleg, all the XFM stuff, all the Beachy head stuff, etc...

Yeah alright alright, shut yer fuckin' face ;)

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