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Essex... pfft... Mert is exempt from the following rant about how stupid people from a certain area are, because he provided the link...

I mean come on...
Nearby Hornchurch residents and councillors expressed their concerns about the petrol giant's plans at last Thursday's meeting of the Regulatory Services Committee, at Romford Town Hall.

Mike Dyer said: "This would be the first of its type in the UK and we don't know much about it at all other than we used to make bombs out of this stuff."
Well how about you actually think, and find stuff out, before you go to the meeting and complain? Why do the ill-informed think they have any role to play in decision making?
"It is being built in a very deep underground vault and that worries me."
Yes, it's the big canisters sitting around on the road-side that are the safe ones - underground material which could potentially explode in combination with oxygen is just unacceptable. Oh, wait, that's how they do it with petrol...
"My feelings are rather strong on this. I think it must be dangerous."


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Some people are just so stupid you can't really do anything but piss yourself laughing.

I blame the Nazis. If they hadn't built a hydrogen-using airship called the Hindenberg, and then painted it with *rocket fuel* (which was what caught fire when it crashed, not the hydrogen), people nowadays wouldn't have this irrational fear of hydrogen.

"My feelings are rather strong on this. I think it must be dangerous."

It.... I..... He....... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


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