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Nudie Webcam Pics
OK, line up everybody. Now get into two groups

Group 1: Those who don't want me to put up nudie webcam pictures
Group 2: Those who do want me to put up nudie webcam pictures

Whichever group pays me the most money gets their way.

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Of course, it depends. Who are the nude webcam pictures of?

*hides money*

I assumed you meant of someone we wanted to see nude! :o\


*walks over to the other line, the No-Nude-Pics-Please one*

Is there a 'free nude as a public service' queue? :-)

/me walks to the Group One.

God, no, for the love of all things good and holy, DON'T :-o)

/me sits on fence.

I'm torn between wanting to keep my eyesite at the level it is, and having a good laugh.

Argh, why do I always have the difficult decisions?

Either way you're not getting any cash :-P

i'm in the second group, just because i can be different


Hooray. Secretly, this post is just an excuse for me to get naked, so that I can justify it by saying people want me to :o)

Um, can somebody explain to Jen that I actually will do this if I feel like it? It's not an idle threat, I will get naked for my webcam.


And then so will Jen.

Now this is what I call an incentive :o)

true, and if you do it.. (which would be nice =P) and then if jen did it, then hell.. I'd put mine up too! we could have a nude picture party! yes! everyone get naked!


i think i'll go now

lol, i've already seen yours!

silly adam


you haven't seen my full body ones have you? lol.. *wonders* if so.. when did i show them to you? lol

not full body, but yeah, uhm... yeah *grins*

it was early january in an AIM conversation

My naked pictures are for Jen's eyes only. Well, and a few other people, now that I think about it. Maybe you'll see 'em sometime :o)

Maybe Jen will forward the picture on to you, you never know........ :o)


Dave's head explodes alá Scanners

I am going with NO NUDE PICS PLEASE! I want to be able to look at you when we see each other, not running from the room...

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