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I refer you to the following "news" article from the BBC.

What a piece of shit. It's the Australians' attempt at entering the field of evolutionary biology by revealing some staggeringly obvious facts about left handers.

Is it not obvious that a left hander will have an advantage in cricket because of the rareity of such people in the general population?

Is it not obvious to assume that due to that, left handed cricketers will do better and be better able to make higher-level teams?

Is it not also obvious that if they do make such teams, then the system will even out - more people in the teams means they are less rare, which means the advantage conferred is smaller?

It's a simple feedback loop. I could simulate it and give you some graphs in about 30 seconds, and yet this is front page news? I'm not exaggerating, I could have written this paper and come to these conclusions.

In Evolutionary Biology terms, you have a population of R and L. Mean fitness of L is linked to their proportion in the population. The smaller the proportion, the greater the fitness. In fact, the viability of all members of the population is going to be inversely proportional to their population-share. With initial conditions set to the general population proportions (10% L, 90% R), we then run the simulation for a few generations. Because lefties are rare, the proportion will increase due to the unfamiliarity right-handed bowlers will have with them. As their population increases, right-handed players will become more accustomed to them, and their viability will drop. But it never reaches 50/50 because migration from the greater population is dependent on that 90/10 ratio... It's fucking simple!

This is just another example of dumbing down - 'revealing' the obvious in the news. I mean, it makes a change from telling lies, but it's no more informative.


Not being stupid is a burden...


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