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I hate this. My journal used to be a refuge for the insane accounts of my life. Since I decided to drop having a life in favour of saving money, the quality of my journal has dropped. I think I'll rehash a new layout for it, and then start properly posting here, and if I have nothing real to write about, I'll invent shit just to entertain. How does that sound? :o)

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Sounds like a good idea to me... make up random shit to entertain! ;o)

Perhaps also a commentary on other peoples' lives. I can talk shit about all of you then :o)

Start with mine...

I have enough to write a novel

Oh, yes, that's always interesting. Or talk about people you don't like. Documentary style. "The male species......" that sort of thing.

oh god *runs and hides* :o)

I always talk shit about you - there's no point in hiding now :o)

well yes, but it can't hurt :o)

you wouldn't say anything about me, would you now?

of course not :)

or i would be forced to sick 4everdreaming on you, and none of us want that

Ouch - that would be such a cruel thing to do :o)

Mind you, I have this underlying suspicion that I can handle an obsessive "sk8er", so I'm not too concerned...

Anyhow, I could never say anything bad about you - surely you know this :o)

well there you go, i didn't know it before, but i know it now

and it's a wonderful thing that you said it, even if behind those smiles you're really being a sarcastic twat and laughing at me


My dear, you misjudge me so harshly. As anybody will tell you, I'm being far from sarcastic :o)

In response to that, I'll adopt a pose simlar to this

And simply say

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