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Murder Dan Gillerman
I'm getting sick of it... more sick of it, in fact... Bring on the intifada.

The problem, as I see it, is this. Frustration. That's the main cause. Sure, your extremist strap-bombs-to-their-chest militants are going to be bereaved, desperate people, but your average islamic militant is probably just so fucking frustrated by the whole situation that they're venting that the only way they know how.

I mean, I'm frustrated, and I'm not even there. Seeing Israel flex its imperial muscles, just to prove it can take on its surrounding countries without fear. I can't help but wonder if the main reason Israel attacked Syria wasn't just to hear the Americans say that Syria is on the wrong side of the war against terror. Just to remind Bush that Syria is still there, ready for attacking any time, unable to defend itself. It's the sort of thing I can see Ariel Sharon doing...

But I'm frustrated by the security council. I've always said that permanent, veto-wielding members are just not the democratic way to go. And forgive me if I'm sick of the USA waving its veto in the air, proclaiming "we won't accept this resolution because it doesn't condemn palestinian aggression". I'm sorry. At what point did America require the UN to condemn acts of terrorism? Since when did America actually care about something so trivial as whether the UN disagrees with Palestinian suicide bombers (FYI, it does)? I thought it was fucking obvious that these people were doing bad things.

No, that's not what the UN should be speaking up on. I don't think the security council has ever suggested it supports militant action. However, by utterly failing to pass resolutions reprimanding Israel, it's sending the message that the international community won't stop Israel, just as it won't stop the USA. What a downright irresponsible message to send to a little boy like Sharon...

Oh, the whole thing just makes me sick... The Israel/USA belief that an attack on their people justifies whatever action they choose to take, even if it means attacking another country and escalating an entire conflict.

Yes, suicide bombers are bad, they're murderous fuckwits, but bulldozing their houses after they're dead and then bombing other countries isn't going to solve the problem, you tarts.

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Excellent; I agree entirely!

The Security Council, sadly, seems nowadays to be something that the USA can point at in the name of "international validity" whenever the council comes out in its favour, and little else.

and now... a totally off-topic request for advice:

i know you play ultimate frisbee. i don't. yet for some reason i have been asked to come up with designs for my university's ultimate team, The Purple Haze.

what kind of designs are normally on a team's frisbee? are they elaborate or not? i'm just looking for general ideas and advice here...

oh, and hendrix is out because of copyright laws.

any help would be infinitely useful. thanks!

i hear ya... nice guitar too from the previous post...

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