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I bought me a new guitar... Epiphone Gothic Les Paul... It's pretty :o)

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That's a hot-ass guitar. :o)

No attention for Eri this weekend then? ;)

My guitar and your guitar could make beautiful babies.

Yeah, whatever, fool. It's still no excuse for LEAVING A PUB CRAWL BEFORE IT'S EVEN STARTED. Worst. Excuse. EVER. ;P


There were exactly 5 newbies present, nobody was getting into the drinking games, and I have work in the morning anyway so it's not like I could get drunk. It's Freshers week after all - I think people probably had other commitments... It certainly wasn't anything compared to last year's first night out...

your hands shouldbe way up the neck wringing a wild solo from the very bowels of your beast. why arent they?

What caught my eye was how high slung it is, surly with a guitar of that nature it should be at least somewhere near the crotch...

his knees are also far too straight
same with his face


Oh look Jaems got a Les Paul copy - well done! :0P

I love the Guitar it looks so hot ^^

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