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David Blunkett
I really want to skullfuck that blind cunt...
Home Secretary David Blunkett says he wants to push on with plans to introduce national identity cards.

Mr Blunkett said the lack of ID cards explained why he had absolutely no idea how many illegal immigrants were currently in the country.


Mr Blunkett said the ID cards would help track illegal immigrants and restrict access to public services.

He said it would ensure "people don't work if they are not entitled to work, they don't draw on services which are free in this country, including health, unless they are entitled to".

He said it would also mean "when we find people we can identify quickly that they are not entitled and get them out".

Asked whether the cards would be compulsory, he said in his view no-one should be able to work or claim benefits without an entitlement card.

It goes on like this... basically, unless you were born in this country, you're not allowed to contribute to our economy by actually working. I mean, you'd think the whole "nobody should be allowed to work without this" rule would be covered by having a National Insurance Number, but apparently not.

Heaven forbid that Johnny Foreigner might come and steal our jobs - especially when big business tends to export said jobs to Johnny Foreigner's own country in the first place...

The man is an evil far-right cunt, who deserves to be publicly flogged through the streets of London by a gang of asylum seekers.

I mean honestly...

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(Deleted comment)
Same thing in the eyes of the government a lot of the time.... They're determined to criminalise anybody who wants to enter the country

Same thing in the eyes of the government a lot of the time

Whoa - major assumption on your behalf! Lets not forget the stupidly high taxes we all have to pay to support illegal immigrants. We can't just turn up in their countries and claim an income, so why should they be able to do it here.

Wake up, get off your soap box and start to look at the world without your rose tinted glasses. People do not want to work to keep lazy twats in free homes etc

We don't turn up in their countries because they don't have the money to support us, the places are often hell-holes, and we have a much better life here.

And taxes are ridiculously low, and should ideally be a good deal higher.

I'd be daft to think that was anything other than a deliberate wind up or an ill informed opinion based on little more than supposition.

Nope, it was all fact. Which part do you take issue with?

Taxes - not only income tax but pretty much every other tax imaginable! Especially tax on fuel.

When you are earning over £29k a year tell me you're happy with 40% tax when you could pay 15% flat rate abroad.

Jaems - your opinions are admirable, but try opening your eyes before your mouth. People will respect you more for it!

Now - tell me where you work so I can get you sacked! ;0)

Can't argue with much of that...

just curious here... does the UK have anything roughly equivalent to the US driver's license/state ID right now?

Um... we have drivers licenses... but no unified ID card type thing..

ah... it's probably just the same then.
in which case you're definitely right... that guy is a dumbass.

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