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Dinna work, lad... xoom/nbci SUCKS. %-)

What a master! A wonderful Xoom logo!

How the hell did you do it?? I want to learn!

So I'm the only one who can see a talking skull and bemused fella, then?

I too can see the guy

More likely you and Ben downloaded & cached it before...

(comment deleted due to bitchy overtone)

but you get my drift :-)

All in all, not a bad picture

I can see the fella, but that's today in IE...last night on Netscape I could only see the Xoom logo...

Wow! Its Garfield! HAHAHAHA! You are hilarious. Go on, kill Jon in a variety of surreal ways.

Very well....but first I require £500,000 in cash, half up front, half upon completion. :)

*talks to superior officer in regards to blatent entrapment scheme*
go on then.

My, err, friend says yes.

Very well, as soon as I find that the money has been desposited in my Swiss account Jon will have an accident.

Details to follow.

My chum says payment is on the way (TRACK IT TRACK IT TRACK IT I AM I AM) - yup, your in the clear (MAKE SURE HE USES THE POISONED LASAGNE) - oh, one stipulation I forgot to add - poisoned lasagne.

money mysteriously disappears

What kind of poison do you prefer?

The moneys been traced, we're on our way

Err... arsenic if you have it...

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