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In light of the following page:

I added my own review:
I was having trouble with Arab terrorists attacking my nation,
and killing my people. Then I purchased this product from
KeyTronic, and my life changed. In addition to the L-Shape
Enter Key, it also has Presidential HotKeys to provide quick
control of your country/state. For example, where lesser
keyboards have an "e-mail" button, this keyboard includes a
"shock-and-awe" button, as well as full compatability with
standard, cluster, and tactical-nuclear bombing systems.
Furthermore, the keyboard allows an easy interface to Search
for given characters (such as Osama and Saddam) in text/hostile
terrain. This keyboard helped me gain effective control of the
Afghani and Iraqi people, and I urge you to buy it today!
Ho hum...

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That page is surreal.

And I'm the crazy one in this relationship? ;)

Of course. You're going out with him, remember?

You raise a very valid point

Well yeah... what kind of crazy person goes out with her soulmate? ;)

You, obviously. Have we not established this?

And I think he was more referring to the fact that I'm a cunt...

Still a cunt though ;o)

i could use a keyboard. at the moment i've just been using a mouse (it has 6 buttons! and 3 wheels!!) i'm still on the fence over the L-shaped Enter key, though. if i'm going to spend $1000000, why not pay the extra $3 and get the E-shaped one?

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