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Enterprise, for those who've not seen the latest bits...

End of Season 2
Earth is attacked by an alien race in a suicide attack because that race fears their way of life will be destroyed by humans. Enterprise goes off into hostile territory to bring the attackers to justice. They do so unilaterally, without the support of any of their allies.

Season 3, Episode 1
The crew, supported by the military, go off on their mission, and will stop at nothing to obtain information about the race they're off to spank. They're all really cross, and blame every member of the species for the crimes their leaders committed.

Season 3, Episode 2
The crew get fucked over, which pisses them off. When they find somebody with information on the 'bad guys', they torture him until he sells out his people. The only person to speak out against the torture is a Brit, but he doesn't do it very loudly and is ignored. Ultimately they show mercy in a token gesture so that they don't look too evil, but ultimately are shown to have benefited from the torture because now they have the information they want.

Mmm, Enterprise/War On Terror crossover...

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Yes, the WoT link works, but the writers would be thinking more "What would any species do given this situation?" subconciously or otherwise influenced by current affairs. Desperate times... desperate measures (desperate intro music...*cough*). But sending just one ship is stoopeed!

The Starfleet from TNG would have probably tried negotiation, and peaceful attempts to get cooperation.. of course, that Starfleet was a) a lot more powerful, b) a lot more experienced and c) invented in a time when there was no war on terror.

As for sending one ship - well, it reduces the risk of friendly fire, and if the WoT parallel holds, that's going to be an important consideration. If there were two ships, they'd just destroy each other...

As far as I'm concerned, they're trying to appeal to the patriotic redneck morons who'll think it's cool to bully foreigners into divulging their peoples' secrets, and most of all want to see T'Pol in increasingly sexy/nekkid scenes.

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