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"Today bargain hunt comes from Howth..."

It's a town near Dublin, see. And it's so wrong that Bargain Hunt is set there... so so so wrong...

Yes, it's Too Much Information time... Howth was the location of my first ever sexual experience, on top of this rocky hilltop thingie (yes, in public, explains a lot really)... The idea of David Dickinson being there... well... eww...

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Eww, thanks a lot. Cunt.

Hahaha, I was telling Rachael a while ago about how I wanted to find a picture of the place in question, so I could freak you out... But I couldn't find one of where I wanted...

Oh poo, that reminded me. You have new housemates :-(

Why is this a negative thing?

Because it means I have to meet them at some point, and it's scary.

As scary as Harry and Alex? ;o)

There's a difference between 'scary' and 'annoying' ;-)

Pfft, you'll be fine....

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