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Think of the most important secret you've ever known. Now imagine one ten times bigger, and a hundred times worse. This is what I'm now burdened with. And I really don't know what to do. And it's not even something that talking to an adult can help, either. That's scary enough... Frankly, I'm in a really bad position and have no idea what to do for the best :o(

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I know what thats like mate, the worst secrets are the ones you didn't want to know, or ones that involve people you know too well.
Can you not just keep it to yourself?

It's "do I tell the police or not", or something. It's complex :o(

Ouch, I don't like them ones, they usually end in a "Do I get killed if tell the police"dilema.

Or "does somebody I care about get killed", which isn't good

certainly not a position that i would want to be in. i'm sure you'll make the right descision though.

urgh oh shit, mmm, this sounds really rather bad, I'll talk to you later online/phone...

it's probably none of my business, but i think telling at least one person helps.

from me.....TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I m too far away to do anything. But totally up to you, i trust your judgement, errrrrrrr yeah. Take care . Luv your over protective friend Becca xxx

Talk to someone.

Think about how you phrase it. You won't necessarily want to share the secret but at least you can talk in generalities. Sometimes just saying things out loud can help straighten them out in your mind. I'm happy to listen if you want without trying to tell you what to do. If not me then David or Becca. Failing that, try a priest - seriously. If it is as bad as your post suggests you really ought to talk to someone. Ultimately it's your decision but, at the risk of repeating myself, talk to someone........

Yeah, actually, your father is damn straight right here. Really *do* consider going to a (catholic) priest - they cannot go anywhere with the information, but they can help you straighten out your own thoughts.

I'm not going to ask what this is (Further - since I don't think I can help you out with problems not concerning what I thought it was originally. And I'm quite happy with that, because what I thought it was is just about as bad as it gets, and I have all too much experience with those cases. Sadly.), but there is *one* thing you _have_ to keep in mind at all times:

You're there to help the affected person. You have to do what's best for him or her. And sometimes, that involves making the affected person hate you for it. Sometimes, the Want has to step aside for the Need.

If you dont tell anyone will it adversly affect you or someone/thing you care about?

No? Then for gods sake dont tell anyone, and you shouldnt have said anything here in the first place.

Yes? Then you have to choose carfully who you tell... And only you can do that...

My LJ is fine for this sort of thing. Nobody concerned, or anybody they know, knows of this journal. And it's not even something that anybody would suspect me of knowing - I don't know why I know, but I'm very unlikely to be somebody who'd know.... Only I do. So it's OK that I put this here :o)

Truths have a tendency to unveil themselves no matter what efforts are done to cover them up. "Does not telling adversely affect" someone doesn't work always. Does it adversely affect someone *now*? Will not telling adversely affect someone *later*, and how much will it affect them then.

OK, so on the later I beleive you have a point, but as for them getting out anyway... I have never had a secret get out that I wanted to keep... :/

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